Why Video Content Ranks Higher Online

If I were to sum it all up in one, concise sentence as to why it is that video content tends to rank higher online, I would say that it’s simply a matter of the search engines meeting the demand with the appropriate supply. That’s why video content ranks higher and that’s why you should focus your online marketing campaigns around video as much as possible, but naturally video shouldn’t be your only focus since you might very well be targeting some regions where streaming videos online is a bit of a challenge.

A peek inside search-ranking algorithms

This post’s main focus in on the use of online video makers, but it’d probably make for a different post on its own altogether and it shall be given its due attention in that way in the near future, but I guess touching on how search-ranking algorithms work will give the discussion its much-needed background information. So how do the search engines rank the search results they display to users?

We perhaps also shouldn’t make any beans about the fact that when one refers to “search engines” in general, one is in actual fact referring to the big daddy of them all – Google. So it’s a question of how does Google rank its search results?

The answer to that is a very basic and straight-forward one, which is that Google ranks the results it displays in response to search queries based on how “monetise-able” they are. They’ll claim to show the most relevant results based on the quality of the content, which is a fair enough claim, but it’s rather convenient that the most monetise-able content appears to be inclusive of content which is of high quality. Ask any SEO agency which will gladly share a little bit of their secrets with you and they’ll tell you that their focus is more on content which is in demand, which means content that can be monetised the most and the easiest.

All roads lead to video

If you just think about it from your own point of view – from the point of view of the consumer, it only makes sense that videos would rank higher than pure text-based content, doesn’t it? In truth, if you took a deeper look at it you would actually realise that it’s mostly a mixture of rich content which is reinforced by videos which ranks the highest, but in most cases the video would have to be insightful enough for it to be a stand-alone source of the required information. The video shows up by itself at the top of the page in most cases, even though the link might ultimately lead to a page which features the supporting text- and picture-based content.

If you think about explainer videos and the likes, created with the use of online video editing platforms, it only makes sense that the videos rank higher because you’d much rather watch a lively video explaining something than have to sit and read through some pages and pages of boring text.

So don’t sell yourself short – if you can, then go ahead and do your online marketing with as many videos as you possibly can.

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