Paper Bags in the News

Paper bags are extremely versatile and are beginning to replace the use of plastic bags in our day-to-day lives. Some people, though, are using them in unorthodox ways. Here’s what has happened in the news recently.

Schuh Interview Technique

A certain Schuh store is under investigation for the way they carried out interviews for a sales advisor position.

During the two hour long interview, 25 hopeful candidates were given a paper bag and an animal of which they must pretend to be. They then had to make noises until they found the other person in the room that was given the same animal as them.

The company often use ice breakers for group interviews, but this store got creative and made their own task. The participants were not pleased, to say the least.

Spar South Africa

South Africa’s Spar EC team have created a new initiative to reduce the amount of plastic bags used.

For every 10 plastic bags brought back to any Spar EC outlet, they would give out a free paper bag. This initiative helped single use plastic bags get more life and deter their journey to the landfill.

If all supermarkets had this initiative, there may be less plastic bags floating around our oceans.

Paper Bag Style

People have recreated the plastic bag in the form of fashion, and experts assume it is here to stay. The style crimps at the waist and is said to be extremely flattering and stylish.

Will you be wearing this new trend?