Keeping Customers, Clients, Guests, and Employees Comfortable in Your Store

There are a lot of decisions that you have to make as someone who owns, operates, or maintains a business. One of the priorities that often gets lost in the shuffle concerns the idea of comfort. If a customer, client, guest, or employee is uncomfortable in your store, that can lead to a loss of sales, loss of productivity, or loss of quality when it comes to branding. If at all possible, you need to create the most comfortable environment you can for everyone in your physical location.

Comfort will come in many different forms. There’s the matter of air conditioning. There is the comfort of the lighting in your store. There’s the comfort regarding the overall cleanliness of the different spaces that people are. And finally, there is a psychological comfort that comes from the general attitude that exudes from a particular area.

Air Conditioning

Without good air-conditioning that works, your store can be extremely uncomfortable for everyone. If you live somewhere that the temperature gets above 70°, then you probably need air conditioning. Some businesses try to cut corners and keep air conditioning off for as long as possible because it’s expensive, but there is nothing as costly as ruining people’s shopping or working experience because you’re not operating in the correct temperature range.


There is also the matter of lighting. If you’ve ever gone into a store where you’ve had to squint because the lights were too bright or too damn, then you know how uncomfortable of an experience that can be. Consider putting in optimal lighting for all places in your business. The storefront. The offices. The hallways. The bathrooms. Everything should have the proper lighting installed. Especially with the latest LED technology, this should not be an expensive process – it just takes some planning.


Keeping your business clean should be one of your highest priorities. If a customer comes in and notices dirt, grime, oil, grease, or even clutter, that immediately makes them assume that you don’t care about what they think. Make sure that you have the proper staff to take care of all cleanliness issues, and that everything gets done regularly. This is another area of your business where you don’t want to cut any corners, to be sure to focus on this aspect of your store regularly.

General Attitude

Finally, there is a comfort that comes from the attitudes and charisma of your employees toward customers and towards each other. If your place suffers from a toxic environment, that’s going to affect your finances. If people are genuinely happy in their jobs, they should be able to exude that kind of confidence and positivity towards everyone who enters your front doors.