How to tap into and retain new customers for your salon

Retaining clients can be just as hard as attracting them. When it comes to working in a salon, you’re likely to be in direct competition with other local businesses; thus, it’s important to prove why you should be the salon that clients remain loyal to.

As well as well as ensuring your salon is comfortable and relaxing, with an ambient atmosphere, you should be professional and committed to catering for each individual client and their needs.

Reward new clients

With new clients, you will be introduced to a lot of new faces that you would love to see return to your salon. You can encourage new clients, or even prospective clients to book a first (or second) appointment by offering them a discount. This is an easy, yet effective incentive that might just push them through the door.

Introduce a rewards programme

A good loyalty scheme can be a determining factor in winning over the hearts of both your potential and existing clients. Put a lot of thought into this and make sure it’s worthwhile for you and your customers. It can be something as simple as, scheduling four haircuts and get the fifth free, or schedule three colours and get the fourth for half price. A point system or a form of giveback for the client will help to retain their custom, long term.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback

Good feedback is essential, especially if you’re a new salon. Of course, not every customer is going to review your salon online, but by interacting with your client and asking them what they think of their experience, you can find out what you could improve on, and if they would return.

It may also be worth producing a short questionnaire to give to clients upon completion of their treatment or visit. Build on this feedback to make your salon better – remembering that the customer is always right.

Encourage future bookings

After an initial treatment, why not suggest a second appointment, so they can keep their hair or beauty treatment in the best condition possible. Convince them that you have their best interests at heart, as this will save them the job of having to rebook, and risk leaving it too late.

Pay attention to detail

Of course, as a hair or beauty therapist, when it comes to your salon, the majority of your time is going to be spent concentrating on delivering the best treatments possible. However, as well as this, ensure that the atmosphere of your salon is just right. Ask yourself – is the décor nice? Is the music okay? Is the temperature comfortable?

You should also consider the administration side of things. Have you got a TV license for the TV that’s hung on the wall? Did you take out Salon Insurance?

By protecting yourself and your clients, you can fortify some worry-free work, which should shine through in the quality of your service. Customer retention is the cornerstone of just about any business, particularly beauty salons, so never neglect your clients unintentionally, by neglecting other aspects of your business.