Finding commercial dishwashers for sale

Anyone in the hospitality industry – from owners of small coffee shops and takeaways to Michelin-starred restaurants – knows the importance of cleanliness. And cleanliness means keeping all your crockery, glassware and utensils spotless.

Commercial dishwashers help you to do just that – in maintaining the standards you set yourself and those demanded both by your customers and regulatory authorities.

Food businesses

The wide range of types of business involved in the preparation and sale of food is illustrated on the government’s Food website and emphasises that every one of these must be registered with your local authority.

Registration means that your business may then be inspected – and any inspection, of course, is likely to concentrate on food hygiene and cleanliness of storage and preparation areas, plates, cutlery, glassware and utensils.

So, how might you go about finding commercial dishwashers for sale?

What’s holding you back?

Take one look at the prices of new commercial dishwashers for sale and you are likely to spot straight away just what’s holding you back.

Compact, under-counter commercial warewashers from leading manufacturers might set you back as much as £5,000.

That might be enough to tempt you into buying a much cheaper domestic-quality dish or glasswasher. Not only is that an inefficient way of keeping a constant flow of dirty plates, glassware and cutlery spotlessly clean, it’s also potentially a very dangerous solution – since overloaded domestic appliances just cannot take the strain of a busy commercial kitchen, restaurant or bar.

Taking you forward

The good news is that you do not need to compromise on the efficiency with which your table and glassware are cleaned, nor risk using inferior-grade domestic appliances – and neither do you need to spend the small fortune that new dishwashers are likely to cost.

Instead, you might spend up to 60% less by investing in second-hand catering equipment – equipment that is built to a high-specification commercial standard and reconditioned to ensure many more years’ of sterling service, even in the busiest of kitchens, pubs, restaurants and bars.

When you are looking for commercial dishwashers for sale, consider the cost-saving and eco-friendly benefits of buying second hand catering equipment.  For example, there are high-quality, professionally serviced and refurbished second-hand warewashers from leading manufacturers such as Winterhalter and Classeq that are available – giving you hard-working kitchen equipment for a fraction of the price they would cost new. Plus, you are helping the environment too!

Reconditioned warewashers

Provided you are buying from a reputable dealer who provides fully reconditioned leading makes of dish and glasswashers, you can rest assured that the device will be do what it needs to do for many years to come.

These are suppliers who typically concentrate on the leading commercial brands and restore the machines to 100% functionality – they may be used, of course, but that proves no obstacle to their continuing to deliver a reliable service.

Those specialist suppliers also recognise the fast-moving world in which any catering business needs to operate, so that – provided you place your order before midday – next day delivery may be ensured.

The result is your using the highest specification commercial equipment that cleans efficiently and cost-effectively – but at a fraction of the price.