Want to Get Your Blog Noticed?

Have you started a blog and are wondering how you can get people to notice it? There are ways of letting people know it is there, and of reaching the audience it is meant for. They all involve some effort, but if you have taken the trouble to start a blog, putting some time into getting it noticed has to be worthwhile.


Facebook can be a great way to get your blog into the public domain, particularly if you have lots of friends on there.  Get them to share it and like it, and more and more people will see what you have posted.

You will also find groups for different things in Facebook, so find one that suits your blog and join it. If you are blogging about children, for instance, you do not want to be in a group for repairing cars. Find the group that suits your niche and promote your blog in there. Don’t bombard them with too much information or too many posts, or you will soon find yourself thrown out of the group. Make a useful contribution and mention your blog in passing, people will soon cotton on and visit your page. Facebook is the favorite of Techmasi where you will find other tips for making your blog known.

Other social media platforms are worth trying as well, but none of them have as many registered users as Facebook.

Google Plus

According to surveys, votes on Google Plus will move you up the Google rankings more quickly, so to get your blog out there this could be really valuable. Just like Facebook, it has groups and the same applies when you are looking which ones to join.


If your blog is in any way connected to marketing, Triberr is worth a try. It is a community site where people in the marketing industry share their posts and discuss various marketing topics. There is a voting system in place for each post, and the more votes you get the more visible it becomes.


BizSugar is another community site but with a wider range of industries that use it, including marketing, finance and technology. Sharing tips and the latest information among the users is the purpose of this site, and it works very well.


AllTop is one of the best blog aggregators. It is almost like an online magazine that puts each post into whichever category it fits best, and there are over 1000 of them. You can submit your blog free of charge, but you must have more than ten blog posts on there to be considered for approval.

These are just a few of the places you can put posts or blogs so that viewers will visit your page. There are many more of them in the marketplace, but you need to be aware that some of them do make a charge. All of the ones mentioned here are free though, so take a look at some of them and see if you can get your blog noticed.