Getting a full-time job after graduation is not an easy task. You send application after application without any luck, sometimes not even getting a regret reply. Your financial needs won’t however be waiting for you to find something concrete. Student loans, health insurance and other bills will always be on your back. The situation is not totally hopeless. There are small jobs here and there that though may not be enough, can always put a little extra income in your pockets and see you through. These ideas can make you some money as you hunt for something long-term;

Start an arts shop

If you are talented in arts and have free time on your hands, set up shop for your creations. In the age of internet, you don’t have to limit yourself to a geographical region. You can also join Etsy and sell your art. Etsy only costs $0.20 per item for four months or until you get a buyer. You can sell your handmade jewelry, home decor and other pieces of art. The charges will mean for nothing at the end of the day after you make your cash. The beauty of it is that you can get to meet other artists and improve on your artistry.

Take up babysitting

Parents are always looking for someone to look after their kids as they attend to other things. Movie nights, business trips, adult holidays and so on and so forth. Since you are older, more mature and with a degree, your rates will be much higher than you were getting paid to babysit when you were in high school. If your field of study was in education or to do with children, this also provides useful experience that will come handy in the future. As a bonus, you also get a feel of parenthood. There are websites where you can get babysitting opportunities.

Put your old stuff up for sale

You certainly have a lot of stuff that you no longer use. Clothes, books etc. Instead of throwing them away, put them on sale. The money may not be much, but it can add up and take care of a bill.

Offer private tuition

You don’t have to sit on your degree as you wait for employment as you can View Website for the latest information regarding what you can do with your degree. You can offer private tuition for younger kids. Hour-long sessions in your area of expertise can be enough to make quick cash. Skills in musical instruments are always marketable. You can also offer individual coaching lessons if you were an athlete in college. Drawing, painting and knitting are other skills that you can offer private tuition in. in case you were a nerd in college, there are always kids seeking to improve on their math and literature. Just be sure to offer tuition on a subject you are confident about.

Sign up for online jobs

Online gigs always rake in extra cash, sometimes so much that you forget about job hunting. You will always find something that fit in to your skills and passion. You also don’t need any experience to get going. Writing, social media marketing, making PowerPoint presentations are among the many gigs you can find online. All that you need to make money is a laptop and an internet connection.