5 Tabs Your Business Website Needs To Succeed

Building a successful business website is a huge part of keeping your operation on the up and up.  Your digital presence is vital to the overall reach of your business, as the world’s consumers work largely online.  

You won’t find any standard business website templates which promise endless success, but there are a few guidelines you can utilize while building.  Here is a brief overview of five tabs your business website needs to succeed.


A homepage tab may seem a little redundant when the landing page of your site is the homepage.  This isn’t the case.

A homepage tab is crucial for producing a well-rounded ability to navigate through the content of your website.  Your homepage tab will give visitors the ability to instantly travel back to where they began while exploring what your site has to offer.  

About Us

The “About Us” portion of your business is the best place to start building rapport with web users.  This is your time to show what you are truly about as an organization. Include your operation’s main goals and your overall mission in the industry.  

Your “About Us” page may also benefit from a few short bio spots, featuring some of your most talented professionals.  Show the people you know what you’re doing, and that your business is composed of competence and drive.

Business Blog

Your business blog can be a very powerful tool for boosting your organization’s online presence.  Adding a “Blog” tab to your website design will draw more traffic to your compilation. Check out the “Blog” setup for this business website.  

If you integrate proper SEO tactics within the content of your business blog, your website will rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Ranking higher in the SERPs means that more web users will have the opportunity to explore your content after searching relevant terms.

Contact Us

The “Contact Us” tab is vital for engaging users in communication with your business.  People will immediately search your website for contact information when curiosity strikes about one of your products or services.  Your website simply isn’t complete without communication efforts.

Add other pleas for communication in addition to your contact page to make it easier for users to quickly connect.  A phone number on your homepage, a “leave a comment” box on your business blog, and a brief contact form are all great ways to provide communication opportunities.

Products & Services

Every business website needs a space to display its products or services.  Give web users the opportunity to invest in your operation by offering easy access to what your business has to offer.  Make sure to perfect your “Products & Services” page design for maximum effect.