5 Must-Haves For Your Business Website Design

Designing a new business website isn’t super complicated, but there are a few things you should be privy to before you begin your build.  There is no standard template for building a successful business website, but there are a few tactics that have been proven useful by many other designers thus far.  

Break down the bulk of the information you must learn into easy to digest pieces.  Take some time now, and begin your web design education. Here is a brief overview of a few must-haves for your new business website design.  Incorporate these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to digital success.

Add clear navigation paths

Navigation is vital to allow visitors the ability to move through and explore the content your organization has to present.  The better navigation setup you create, the easier it will be to boost the time spent digging into all your business has to offer.  

Traditionally, business website designs include a stationary navigation bar for discovery purposes.  This website featuring an Odessa personal injury lawyer shows just how useful a stationary (or floating) navigation design can be for passing users.  

Add communication options

Communication should always be in the front of your mind while plotting out the design of your business website.  Every business website needs a “Contact Us” page to establish a clear space for communication.

In addition to your contact page, there should be other elements weaved into your design to boost communication.  For example, you can add a contact number to your homepage, add a “leave a comment” box to your blog posts and work in a few enticing calls to action for maximum effect.

Include social media in your design

Social media is a good way to disperse your brand in one of the most populated areas of the internet.  People check their social media accounts several times every day, and becoming a part of that come and go traffic is good for business.  

Add social media sharing icons throughout your business website design in strategic locations for maximum effect.  Sharing icons are extremely familiar to web users, and you’ll have no need to explain what to do with them.

Add a “Blog” section to your layout

Add a “Blog” section to your business website layout, and fill your business blog with relevant information.  A great blog collection will help get some use out of the social media sharing icons you weaved into your design, and it will give users a reason to spend more time investigating what your digital content has to say.  

Design to please mobile users

Mobile users dominate the internet today, and your business website should be designed to suit the dominant population.  Make sure your content is always built to display correctly on a smaller mobile screen, and never stop finding new ways to include mobile users.